The brand

DELACIER is an extravagant jewelry and accessory brand which was born by the fusion of steel and string art technique. The philosophy of the brand is based on innovation, experimentation and astonishing combining with minimal elements. Timeless stability meets sophisticated elegance in the collection. In addition to the jewelry pieces DELACIER also provides extreme fashion accessories not meant for everyday use, which belong to the futurist line of the brand.

The products depend on the style, not the age. It means the DELACIER woman is having a strong, fierce character, unique style with confidence. She is choosing the perfect DELACIER jewelry no matter if it is a strong necklace or a refined earrings.


The designer

Dóra Domokos, graduated as a fashion designer in 2013 at the French-based Modart Fashion and Art School in Budapest. In her diploma collection she experimented with the fusion of the classic ladies-wear and functional accessories, when she discovered, that she could use a unique string art technique on the surface of the metal, which was sewn into the clothes. After Dóra finished the school, she decided to preserve this method, but in a brand-new way, so she started to design stainless steel jewelries, which are covered with string art patterns. This was the moment, when the DELACIER brand was born.